środa, 27 kwietnia 2011

Eisner Time

I browsed through this year's Eisner Award (Oscars for comic books but unlike Oscars most of the nominees are pretty obscure for mere mortals) and on a whim bought three nice hardcovers that may steal the show this year.

Return of the Dapper Men (referred to as "the one I can't remember the title of"): OK, I got to admit I am still too scared to approach it. It doesn't look like a comic book. It doesn't smell like a comic book. It doesn't even fit the comic book shelf. But it is beautiful, strikes the fairy tale books nostalgia.
Buying it will certainly make you look smarter.

American Vampire: Safe choice. Stephen King + vampires are always a good match. Starts off as a wild west story of a common cutthroat Skinner Sweet that carries all the bad habits into unlife. The art nicely departs from the typical "King meets comic books" hyperrealistic style as in Dark Tower.
As a side note, I find it extremely funny that thanks to a certain Mormon, giants like King have to describe their vampires in words of opposition. So you will learn more about who Skinner Sweet isn't that about who he is.

Chew: The Omnivore Edition: Brilliant premise: and FDA agent who is a cibopath - whenever he eats something (except for beets), he gets fleshbacks on the life and death of his dish. Yes... you know where it leads to.
I am trying to love it as writing and art are good, but halfway through the book I am still more on "trying" than "loving".

All pictures from respective publishers.

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  1. I read dramatically fewer comic books than I used to, and man, among those, even fewer superhero books. Mostly been tearing through Walking Dead and catching up on Fables.

    That being said, a friend handed me Chew last year, and it's pretty clever.