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After just seeing TF3 Dark of the Moon, I still love the things about Micheal Bay that I already loved and hate the ones I hated. But the love to hate ration is much more favorable in TF 3 than in any other movie in the series as Bay had some aces up his sleeve this time.  There are no major spoilers in the text, so feel free to read on the random collection of thoughts.

1/ The plot is quite complex for a Bay movie, and while the story delivers, the whole storytelling aspect fails in places - narration is bumpy. There are some twists and surprises and the story is not as predictable as in TF2 (it was basically briefed in the trailers!).

2/ This is the most human-driven TF movie of all three. Introducing the human traitors creates a whole new depth - it's not just the giant robots on giants robots action anymore. While robots settle their business with energon axes (yes, what a glorious G1 tribute!), humans join the fray, facing each other and the metal menace from Cybertron.
3/ There is a whole slew of fantastic characters in the movie from humans to Transformers. Once you move the camera off Bee, Prime and Sam (and Sentinel in some ways), the rest, as always with Bay, seem to be just placeholders, cardboard stand-ups that just cry for more attention.

4/ Sam is the driving force and I think Shia contributes to the movie more than anybody would ever admit. Except the dreadful "let's sum up the movie" scene, he is what makes the movie funny, dramatic and very emotional.

5/ Prime is back with vengeance, this is got to be the most badass, ruthless and merciless Optimus ever. Enter the Prime moments gave me the goosebumps throughout the movie. Having a trailer that is a mobile weapon locker doesn't hurt either.

6/ Megatron and Starscream get more of their master-scheming servant sequences than ever, yet, in the heat of the final battle Megs just disappears from the face of the Earth. Megs the Talker instead of Megs the Destroyer - that just doesn't work.

7/ Twins are gone but you get their miniaturized versions that deliver humour only a notch better than the one that made me blush in TF2.

8/And now to wasted chances: so little Wreckers, Shockwave is basically a glorified gun turret, odd non-lore characters like Q (yeah, we get the Bond wink, Mr. Bay). And what's up with Transformers with hair?

9/Highlights - surprise: the picture is mindblowing. Real 3D, great sound and some amazing sequences (employing the real wingsuit jumpers to glide in Chicago was an amazing idea) plus Bay's uncanny ability to first cast and the shoot beautiful cars, from vintage to concept, make this one sweet eye-candy that more or less lets you forget about all of the shortcomings.

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