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I cast "Raise Dead" spell on my LEGO! Part 1

I'm having a LEGO renaissance. As a kid, the best present I ever got was the biggest back then LEGO castle. I spent countless hours playing with the fold-out castle flanks, locking up evil knights in the prison and assaulting the moat. Back then all LEGO men looked the same - one face for all, basic accessories and unified looks.

Fast forward 20 years, the conflict has evolved. Not only the variety of minifigures is astounding but also there is an amazing online community of gamers and customizers providing you with ideas and their LEGO compatible 3rd party products. When I was departing from the Legoland, the new creations were starting to bloom. When I came back, I found dragons, elves, orcs and other fantastic creatures.

I found the resurrection of LEGO a blessing of multiple sources: putting the blocks together, searching through online part lists is one of the best ways to relax for me. Plus, as an avid gamer, I am looking forward to playing my first game of dungeon crawl with the plastic heroes.

Scroll down past the pictures of my dungeon and the adventurers to find some useful links.

The dungeon is not for the faint-hearted!

 Ironhoof is a proof that centaurs are far from useless in the dungeons. The elven twins are happy to be accompanied by him.

 Thorek One-Eye, the engineer leads dwarves to reclaim the lost mine.

The fellowship of the Red Tavern joins their forces for riches and fame!

The Company of Green Dragons is ready to take on the Lord of the Underground!

More pictures of the dungeon details later!

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